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cv writing and job application What are your transferable key skills?

CV writing tips for the 40+
Advice on how to write a good CV for the British job market
What are your transferable key skills?

CV transferable key skills
If you are applying for a change in career you may not realise how many skills you already have that are transferable from one line of work to something completely different. You need to identify and market these skills to new employers. Before applying for a new job you have to find out what the skills, qualities and strengths are required for that position. You must do some research. It can be as simple as phoning them up and asking

CV writing skills for the over 40's. What are your transferable key skills

Prospective employers will want examples, evidence or proof that your are capable and suitable for their job. If the company is requesting that you have good skills in problem solving, communication and analysis you must be able to back up your claim with examples of your achievements.

Your past achievements should give an indication of your potential for success in the future. An achievement is an activity that gave you a sense success or feeling of fulfilment. It is evidence of your competence and effectiveness.

The examples of achievements you supply does not have to only be from your past occupation. They can come from something that happened at home, voluntary work or a hobby. It is a means to sell to a prospective employer, the benefits of employing you.

You need to structure your evidence

  • This was the Circumstances/Problem/Challenge

  • This was the Action taken

  • This was the Results/Benefits

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